Unit Based Services

Full Valet

Full valet (Best Value) – Includes: Inside (hoover, shampoo/conditioned seats (or leather treated) and floors, clean plastic vents, runners, glass, door cards, door shuts, boot, boot shuts). Full outside (body work, lights, trims, glass, shuts, engine bay, wheel arches and wheels.

Half Valet

Half valet – Includes: (inside and out) hoover, wipe down, clean plastics, vents, glass, doorcards, boot, all shuts and outside… body work, trims, wheels, wheels arches and glass.

Maintenance Valet

This service is only available to customers who have had A Full Valet and wish to keep it maintained every 3-4 weeks (MAX), This does not Include shampoo/conditioned seats & floors or pet hair if we feel you need a bigger service we will advise you.

Outside Only

Body work, lights, trims, glass, shuts, engine bay, wheel arches and wheels.

Inside Only

Hoover seats and floors, clean plastics vents, glass, door cards, doors shuts, boot, boot shuts.

Ultimate Detail

Show room standard (includes full valet) – Full decontamination with Removal of Seats, Carpet and wheels for a deep clean. Engine bay clean, roof liner steam, and air refresh (We will need your vehicle for 48 hours – 72 hours to complete this service)

Paint Correction

A process of permanently removing surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing and other imperfections in your vehicle’s paint.

Ceramic Coating

Using G-Techniq crystal serum light , we offer 2,4 & 6 year ceramic coating packages tailored to fit your requirements. From paintwork and wheel faces to clear vision smart glass, we’re sure to have something that will suit you.

Machine Polish

Improves depth of colour, enhances shine & removes minor scratches.

Motor homes, Caravans & Campers

Tailored services are available to suit each individual’s needs. (Charged per hour)

Classic Cars

Has your classic car been stored away awaiting show season? 
Let us get it showground ready!
With the best PH Neutral products and spotless water, we provide unbeatable results to your old vehicles, keeping them at their very best, all year round!

Winter Protection Package

Protect your vehicle from the elements this winter with our wax Protection for paintwork & wheels with glass Repellent.

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